Thursday, June 16, 2005

EAS (or any other kind) logging made easier

A recent issue of Network Computing led me to a suite of free or low cost utilities intended for providing syslog function in Windows at Among these are a utility that can pull text input from a serial port and send it to a syslog server over the network. It may be possible to pull EAS log messages from our EAS encoders and send them over the network, maybe even email the messages out when they are logged. I am one step closer to my project for electronic EAS logging. I might also be able to use the Windows syslog server to receive error messages about Content Depot devices, which are Linux computers.

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John McMellen said...

The Content Depot receivers do use syslog, and Kiwi Syslog daemon can process and send alarm emails on. Also, the OpenNMS management system has a syslog daemon that can turn syslog entries into events that it can throw an alarm notification on. Very cool.