Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another SPLAT port available for Windows

I haven't been able to keep up with the SPLAT development for a while now. Fortunately, another ham (VE3NCQ) has been working on it too. I would like to thank Austin Wright for helping to keep this valuable tool available for as many as possible. Ain't Open Source great!

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Austin Wright said...

Thanks for the plug! I had meant to let you know that I had ported SPLAT 1.3.0 to Windows. It includes all the bugfixes I know about. There is also a new port of the srtm2sdf utility that can create the HD SDF files (that are unfortunately only available for the United States).

I'm also working on a Windows GUI to SPLAT, and I was hoping to release the two together and let everyone know then. It's very close to completion, and just needs some final command line options programmed in, some error-trapping, and some tidying up. It also allows the user to batch-convert SDF files from SRTM data all at once. The main trick is programming all the powerful command line combinations, but the GUI will cover most of these.

Thanks to John Magliacane for a great program and documentation, and John McMellen for the original port that taught me what to watch out for (much of which I left intact).