Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Syncing computers to Content Depot

Here are some resources on syncing computers to Content Depot with NTP.

Microsoft pages showing how to configure Windows Time service to use the Content Depot receiver as an NTP source.

Windows XP

Windows 2000

I posted previously about using the Meinberg NTP software to monitor the Content Depot devices NTP servers to indicate if they were working or not. Meinberg NTP can also be used to sync to them.

I am trying the Beagle Software ClockCard with ClockWatch Server to sync our NexGen audio server to Content Depot. So far it looks very accurate and should not drift if there are large amounts of time that we cannot synchronize. I also have some indications that NexGen provides native support for the card. I am looking into it.

Some are also using the Dimension 4 NTP client. I have not tried it, but others really like it.

Lastly, some have mentioned a program called About Time. Again, I have not tried that one, plus, it looks like older software, not updated in a while.


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